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Tips for the Business Traveller

Does your job involve a lot of business travel, such as attending conferences, trade shows and meetings in other cities? Business travel can be a great opportunity to network with new people, make important professional connections and get inspired by new ideas. However, frequent travel can really put a damper on your productivity. It is hard enough to stay on top of things when you are in one place, so when you are always staying in hotels and are travelling on trains and planes you might find it extra difficult to keep up with your work.

What can a road warrior and frequent traveller do to keep productive even when on a business trip? Here are some tips for staying focused while you are on the road:

Establish Productivity Routines

The hardest part of getting work done while you are on a business trip is how displaced you will feel. If you are used to working in your office at work or your desk at home, being in an unfamiliar hotel or serviced apartment can really throw you off.

In order to get your brain into ‘work -mode’, you can form a ritual that means it is time to get down to business. Set up the desk at your accommodation in the same way that your desk is set up at home or at the office. It can really help to stay in serviced apartments rather than a small hotel room, because you will be more likely to have a large and practical desk that is conducive to productivity. It’s hard to do your best work when you are curled up on the hotel bed.

Wake up at a specific time, drink your morning coffee, put on your favourite working music and get down to work. Plan around your conference or meetings and schedule in hours of work time where you make the decision to focus and get specific tasks completed.

Get Enough Sleep

Even though you are disturbed from your usual routines at home, it is still very important to get enough sleep so that you can maximise your productivity. It can be hard to get enough sleep during a business trip because there is so much going on. It might be tempting to have a few more drinks with colleagues in the evening, but this can really ruin your plans to get up early and do a couple of hours of work before the conference starts.

Burning the candle at both ends can work only for a couple of days until you start feeling terrible and your exhaustion really compromises your productivity. Keep yourself sharp and alert by getting the sleep you need.

Take Advantage of Time in Transit

Make sure your laptop is fully charged and make the most of any time that you spend waiting for a plane or sitting on a train. These are prime work hours because you are stuck in your seat anyway and can’t be distracted by anything else. The more work you get done on the flight or the train journey, the less you will have to do when you get there.

Travel and Tourism

The world travel market is opening up at a great pace. Economic boom has given people enough resources to travel abroad. However, with this the travel and tourism sector is facing the challenge of seamless, to and fro, international communication. Given the travel and tourism industry being one of the largest online market sectors, it is specifically important for it to embrace an effective communication strategy using professional translation services companies.

Translation companies can help the tour and tourism industry by translating their website content into native language, as most people prefer to get services from a company that has website content in their own, native language.

What needs to be done to get aligned with the demand?

Understanding of Cultural

For an effective marketing strategy, the web content should be tailored according with the buyer’s needs. The task of fulfilling needs of buyers from different countries, since countries usually have different cultural and customs, which a translator must understand to attract and sell products and packages.

A professional translation services company hires people who understand the cultural underpinning of communication, other than the linguists, editors, and copy writers.

Management of multi-lingual content

Website localization helps travel companies and tourism organizations to attract customers that once were out of their reach. However, most tourism companies, not understanding the pitfalls of translation, try to translate the content using available resources in-house, which leads to content appearing inappropriate on their website. This creates an unfavorable image, and the firm loses business opportunity. Only well-experienced translators should be hired for website localization, as the website is the face of the company.

Targeting the right audience

Even if you have a great looking multi-lingual website, it is of no use if you do not know how to drive traffic to the target. Translation service companies can help to understand the online market of the target company.

It is critical that you learn to optimize your campaigns; a well-translated multi-lingual site, not only relays information to the customers but also create credibility among them. You can reap profits from this two-prong approach to the foreign market.